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Teacher Testimonials

Debbie (Newcastle-under-Lyme) View

GB Recruitment was recommended to me by a friend. All of the staff were friendly and supportive and provided me with lots of information about the role of a cover teacher and the different options that were available to me. I had an interview with Niki who thoroughly guided me through my application and was positive, supportive, caring and helpful. I was offered an interview for a long term role and Niki has been in touch with me regularly to ensure that I am happy. I am very happy to be working with GB and feel supported and valued.

Kirsty (Trent Vale) View

As a newly qualified teacher, I had lots of queries and questions about how the system works, however all were answered and my concerns put at ease. I signed up to the agency in September 2014 and have been offered lots of work from long-term cover to occasional days all of which were tailored to suit my teaching skills. During my time teaching full time, I had lost my confidence. GB Recruitment has restored this and I would recommend them to anyone.

Christine (Alsager) View

GB Recruitment have offered me continuous full time work at schools in the areas that I requested. They have given full details of the position and offered support in helping me to decide which situations to take. The staff are always helpful, approachable and prepared to spend as much time as necessary discussing jobs offered. They are fully aware of any issues relating to teaching and are able to clarify and explain any concerns. Paperwork is dealt with quickly and efficiently. They actively chase up any outstanding requirements and support is readily given when requested. I have always felt that GB staff would be there to support me should I have any problems whilst in a school. They regularly call just to ask if you are OK and take an active interest in your welfare, such as arriving safely at school in poor weather conditions or notifying you of any school closures. GB ensure that any ongoing training or safeguarding requirements are kept up to date and offer the necessary training where required. In the past I have been in the situation where I needed to hire supply staff and I always chose to contact GB Recruitment as they reliably sent quality staff. When I chose to work in supply teaching my first choice was GB Recruitment and I would happily recommend them to any colleagues who wished to work in supply.

Martyne (Westlands) View

I have been working with GB Recruitment since September 2014 and have been extremely happy with the decision. The team are all friendly and approachable, making sure that you are happy with the placements and experiences in schools. Communication is excellent and I feel well ‘looked after’ and genuinely cared about by the members of the team. I would gladly recommend the agency as I can honestly say my experiences with them have been completely positive.

Sarah (Fulford) View

A friend recommended GB Recruitment to me when she knew I was looking to explore the option of doing some supply teaching. I had never done supply work before or found employment through an agency, so it was all new to me. From the initial phone call and introductory interview, I was instantly impressed with GB Recruitment; the staff are all very friendly and welcoming and the process of registering was very straightforward. Once the relevant paperwork was in place, I was booked for work very quickly; I only needed work on certain days each week and GB Recruitment have been able to accommodate this. They took the time build my profile, know where my strengths and interests are and have been able to place me within the age groups that I have the most experience with.

Janine (Bucknall) View

When I was first introduced to GB Recruitment and the team, I was very disillusioned with teaching, lacking confidence and unsure which direction my career was going to take. Despite this, Diane at GB encouraged me to continue with teaching and with her support, I have now had the opportunity to rediscover my love for teaching and all that it entails. I have been introduced to other supply teaching staff from GB Recruitment with the same commitment and enthusiasm at the many different schools that I have been given placements at. This has proven, that despite my earlier experiences, there are still professionals that care and with the support, help and friendly advice that GB Recruitment provides, they are able to continue doing what they do best which is teach. Following numerous short term supply bookings, I was given the opportunity to undergo a long term placement at a local primary school which eventually led to permanent employment. I would recommend GB Recruitment wholeheartedly as a professional, caring supply agency.

Sam (Silverdale) View

The staff at GB Recruitment have always been very approachable and friendly. When I started supply teaching I was a bit anxious and the staff at GB Recruitment gave me the confidence to go out to work. They always do their best to find available work and I am kept in employment most of the time. They are always at the end of the phone if you have any problems or concerns. After completing numerous short term assignments, I was asked to cover a long term placement which eventually led to full time permanent employment.

Afia (Hanley) View

"Since re-registering with GB Recruitment, I have successfully completed a year placement. My trilingual skills have been put to good use and although it's been a challenging year in the Foundation stage, I have progressed and largely enjoyed the experience. My references will now broaden my appeal through GB Recruitment and I look forward to working with more local children and schools throughout the coming years. I would have no hesitation in recommending GB Recruitment to anyone considering supply as a career or gateway to full time employment."

Janice (Mow Cop) View

I have received the utmost support from GB Recruitment. This was my first time doing supply through an agency and GB Recruitment made sure that my information was processed rapidly and that I was working within a fortnight

Jenny (Clayton) View

GB Recruitment are able to manage assignments to everyones' satisfaction because of their broad knowledge of schools and they value my feedback."

Janice (Kidsgrove) View

"I came across GB Recruitment in January 2006 after terminating my contract at my last school. At this point, I was disillusioned with teaching and was persuaded to give supply a try. Having driven past their office in Newcastle many times I took the plunge and called in. I had a short informal chat, arranged an appointment and a comfortable in depth interview followed. Since then I have been introduced to several Stoke-on-Trent schools and enjoyed most. GB Recruitment have encouraged me through support and CPD, culminating in a renewed enthusiasm for working with challenging schools with great staff. I was delighted with my last few terms placements and gained a great deal of fulfilment through my Y5 & Y6 pupils progress. This term, I was offered full time employment and have taken on additional responsibilities as Numeracy Co-ordinator and frankly I couldn't be happier. If anyone has any doubts or needs guidance back into the education system, I suggest they take the step that I did and contact GB Recruitment."

Denise (Upper Tean) View

"Yes, switching to supply teaching can be daunting, am I doing the right thing? Will I get enough work? Those questions concerned me but from the moment I stepped into GB Recruitments office to register, to my first day of supply teaching, I encountered a seamless experience. I received a warm and friendly greeting from Gaby who talked me through the paperwork. From then on, she became my link with the agency although the other consultants are there to help too. Frequent phone calls are made to ensure everything is going well and the agency values my feedback. GB Recruitment takes time to get to know YOU and makes every effort to deploy your expertise and knowledge, giving you the best teaching experience. If a caring, genuine and loyal agency will help you to take the plunge, then GB Recruitment are really worth a call. I haven't looked back!"

Steve (Uttoxeter) View

When I joined GB Recruitment in January 2009, after teaching in the same school for 27 years, the thought of going into new and unknown situations was a daunting one. The team at GB did all they could to get me settled and working. Through their efforts and care in matching the needs of the school to my needs, I regained my "mojo" and started enjoying the job again. They have always shown an interest in me as a person as well as an employee and worked really hard to keep me in work even through difficult times. As I start a new permanent post, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the team and also recommend GB to anyone who is searching for placements.

Nicola (Longton) View

"I highly recommend Niki and the team at GB. They are the utmost professionals at all times and deliver a high quality service that is second to none. GB have been very proactive in securing me a continuous stream of work and have been flexible in finding positions that suit my requirements in terms of working hours. The type of assignments I have been sent on have always suited my individual strengths and its rare to find a supply agency that gives the option of attending training to further your professional development. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any of my fellow professionals."

Ellie (Trentham) View

"I have been with GB Recruitment for just over a year now and couldn't recommend them enough! All members of the team are friendly, hardworking and make sure your needs and happiness are put first. Niki, along with the rest of the GB team, have provided me with continuous full time work from day one and always keep in regular contact to see how things are going and to ensure I am happy with the school I have been allocated to. They keep any training you may need regularly upto date by providing the necessary courses which I have found insightful and supportive. I would happily recommend GB Recruitment to anyone and feel that I am a valued member of the agency."

Matt (Blurton) View

"GB have been a pleasure to work for and Niki has been fantastic. She is always approachable, helpful and knowledgeable. I'm looking forward to working with GB and Niki as much as possible in the future!"

Antonia (Stone) View

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation of you all. After resigning from my previous teaching position to reassess and redirect my career, I was extremely fortunate to find GB Recruitment and sign on with them over a year ago. They have been fantastic. They show respect and appreciation for my past teaching experience and endeavour to find placements that are beneficial to both me and the schools. They even provide courses which keep me abreast of new developments in teaching and continue my professional development. The GB Recruitment team have been unwavering in their support even during a stressful period of serious illness. I feel I was truly blessed to discover such an amazingly dedicated supply agency."

Vikki (Weston Coyney) View

"When I left full time classroom teaching in 2005, I signed upto a variety of supply agencies in order to experience teaching in a greater range of schools and age ranges. It soon became clear to me that the team at GB were head and shoulders above the others! Diane, Niki, Lisa and company really put themselves out to match you to appropriate placements, they listen to your concerns, they are always there to sort out any problems that you might have, provide CPD opportunities and are genuinely pleased for you when your placement goes well. Since then I have remained working in education as a Teacher, Teaching Assistant and EYP. I have even worked in private day care through GB. I have enjoyed each and every one of these work placements and do not hesitate to recommend them to you. Don't hesitate - ring 01782 624444 today! A whole new work world is waiting for you."

Shaun (Westlands) View

I joined GB Recruitment looking for supply work, after having gone through a negative experience in a full time teaching role. Niki listened to me and what my preferred working conditions were. She was absolutely incredible, and placed me in a long term position at a beautiful school that I am now making a career at. GB Recruitment work around you and it yields results that you never thought possible.

Aimee (Newcastle) View

Since I started working for GB, I have not looked back. Everyone at GB is very lovely and easy to talk to. When I first joined I was unsure on whether to take long term posts, or which year groups to work with. Diane and Niki were supportive with my choices and once my confidence had built up, they encouraged me to take long term posts that I have since thoroughly enjoyed. It is clear that any posts I have been put forward for, that my strengths and needs have been taken into consideration. I have and would recommend GB to anyone looking for supply work. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff at GB for helping me to enjoy teaching again!

Sue (Leek) View

I have worked with GB Recruitment for the last 2 years since leaving a full time teaching post. During that time the agency has been nothing but supportive in finding work for me and maintaining regular contact. I have had work offered to me with my desired days and have rarely been waiting for the phone to ring. I was interviewed by Niki when I first applied and she has been my main point of contact during this time. She has been highly professional, helpful and very approachable. A pleasure to work with. I would certainly recommend this agency for anyone considering the supply teaching route. There are many faceless and unsupportive agencies out there. GB is not one of them. A very happy experience.

Mounir (Clayton) View

I have been with GB for a few months now. Firstly, I was made to feel very comfortable . The team are friendly, approachable, helpful and efficient. I was placed for work two days after I signed up with GB. I highly recommend the agency and would like to thank Lisa for everything.

Antonia View

‘Having worked for GB Recruitment for over four years now, I’d like to reiterate my appreciation and gratitude to everyone. I feel extremely privileged to work with an agency which has such dedication to both its employees and to the schools it supports. The staff really are outstanding. It isn’t only the level of commitment and professionalism they show, but also their care and understanding. You are not just an employee on their books, but a valued member of their team. I consider myself truly fortunate to be part of this fabulous agency.’

Catherine View

Nearing the end of my teaching career, I felt I needed to ease back on my workload but was not quite ready to stop teaching completely. I contacted GB Recruitment about two and a half years ago and since working with them I have been able to do just that. Lisa and the team have been extremely friendly and helpful in finding a constant stream of work to suit my needs. I have worked in some lovely schools and really enjoyed my new role. I also been very impressed with the level of service they have provided, particularly making sure that our specific training requirements are regularly updated. Thank you to all at GB.

Teaching Assistant Testimonials

Mary (Audley) View

I first approached GB Recruitment when I retired from full time work as a TA in a primary school. I didn't think that I would get any work but was thrilled when Niki contacted me. The result is that I have worked as often or as little as I want to. The one thing I like about GB Recruitment is that you know where you stand. I have found the experience very fulfilling and very professional and would recommend GB Recruitment to anyone.

Julie (Kidsgrove) View

GB Recruitment helped me by acquiring long and short term work for me in a variety of settings which suit my qualifications, ability and needs, which in turn has given me a wider breadth of experience. The staff are very friendly; they maintain high professional standards, and are always willing to help. I know they are always at the other end of the phone if I need them. I feel that I am looked after by a company which cares about its employees. I would recommend GB Recruitment to anyone who wants to work in education.

Ann (Forsbrook) View

I hunted out the first contract I signed at GB dated 6/12/2001. The last paragraph stated that GB Recruitment and the supply assistant agree that such is the nature of temporary work that there may be periods between assignments when no work is available not for me! In 9 years I have been employed by GB Recruitment almost full time. After being placed at a school during the last 12 months by GB Recruitment I have been offered a permanent position and have decided to accept. I cannot praise GB Recruitment enough for the help and support received over the years and would not hesitate to return to them should the need arise.

Gillian (Newcastle) View

Having spent a number of years living overseas and returning to the UK, the staff at GB Recruitment have given me the necessary confidence and opportunity to get back into the classroom. They have been understanding, helpful, encouraging and have sought out the most suitable placements for me whenever I have been available for work.

Michelle (Weston Coyney) View

I find GB Recruitment to be a very nice company to work for. The team are all very friendly and understanding if you are unavailable for work on certain days. I have been placed in a number of schools and nurseries through GB Recruitment and I have enjoyed every single one that I have worked in. I hope to work for GB Recruitment for a long time.

Melissa (Tunstall) View

"I would just like to thank Niki in particular at GB Recruitment for the amazing work she did during the two days that I initially signed up to GB Recruitment. From start to finish she has been flawless. I had signed up to an agency previously and the whole process seemed to be taking too long and it felt like it was dragging on. I signed up to GB Recruitment on a Monday afternoon and Niki had rang me by the Wednesday to offer me a trial day within a school on the Thursday - the following day. I was amazed to say the least! I am now being considered for a permanent position through the school. Thanks to GB Recruitment for giving me that chance. The whole team are very welcoming, friendly and actually listen to what you have to say. They make you feel valued and thought of. They also do exactly what they say they will, unlike a lot of employers, where you are told something but never see it happen."

Nicolette (Bucknall) View

"I am delighted to be working for GB Recruitment. I'm currently working in a Catholic school which is a new experience for me but I enjoy every minute of it. i would love to have the opportunity to work long term. The communication between us is great and very helpful. There is always someone to explain anything I'm having trouble with. GB Recruitment have honestly changed my life around. I never knew I really had the courage to be a teaching assistant but its been amazing - especially meeting friendly people who enjoy your company."

Razia (Longton) View

"I approached GB nearly 2 years ago as I needed some flexibility with my working hours that fitted around family life. GB have always found work that suited my working hours. I've found working with GB very beneficial as you get to go around different settings and gain experience. I would recommend GB to people who are looking for work but also need a good work life balance. The staff are very approachable and always there to help".

Sue (Longsdon) View

"I signed up with GB Recruitment eighteen months ago after having time out to raise a family and gain my Early Years Teacher status. I originally signed up with GB in order to earn some money while I looked for a permanent position. However, the work GB have given me has been amazing and I have been more than happy to continue with them. Niki has been fantastic at finding work for me that fits my needs and I have gained valuable experience in a variety of settings. The staff at GB are very friendly and helpful and I always know where i stand. I hope to continue working for GB Recruitment for some time."

Baddeley Green View

"I am so glad that I have become a member of GB Recruitment. I have found the whole team to be professional, efficient and friendly but more importantly, extremely supportive. At my first initial meeting, Niki made me feel so welcome and discussed all aspects of the agency with me. Since then, I've been working almost non stop. I'm currently working at a local primary school and I have even been lucky enough to have work during the school holidays. The team offer support and guidance every step of the way, and their website is so helpful with lots of useful teaching aids and links. The agency will keep you learning and training by sending you on courses and emailing current policies for you to read. Many thanks GB for looking after me in the excellent way that you do."

Joanne (Northwood) View

"I have found the whole experience with GB Recruitment a very positive one. Niki and her team were incredibly supportive from the first point of contact to securing work with the agency. They put you at ease and help you step by step from processing your DBS to finding out what kind of supply work you want to do and establishing your availability. They listen carefully to your work preferences and discuss your qualifications and experience in order to match you well to the educational role you want. Paper work is very straightforward and easy to complete and payment of work has been extremely efficient with no problems. I would definitely recommend GB Recruitment as a great agency to work for. Well done GB!"

Jenny (Blurton) View

I have worked for GB for the past year since being made redundent as an LSP. They supported me throughout long term placements and kept me in work; as a single parent it was important to be earning. The staff always made me feel welcome & asked if I was happy with my assignments and through GB, I've found a full time job. The company provided me with a good reference upon leaving and I would just like to say thank you from a happy ex employee.

Sue (Newcastle) View

Twelve months ago I decided to resign from my position as SENCo in a primary school and register with GB Recruitment, to work as a Supply Teacher. This is one of the best decisions I have ever made, both personally and professionally. During a very thorough recruitment process at GB, an astute advisor suggested that I use my skills to support pupils in Special Educational Needs settings. Not only has this been a superb opportunity for my career development, but I have experienced continuous employment, as I was offered longer term positions. There is always someone at the end of the phone, checking that you are comfortable with the work provided. I am now in my second year as an employee with GB Recruitment and have always felt valued by a positive and committed team of professionals.

Dawn (Lightwood) View

I would highly recommend GB Recruitment to anyone. They always found me supply work and I was only available to work for one day a week. All the staff were very helpful, friendly and professional. I felt valued and they always made sure that I was happy at a school. They answered the phone straight away, along with any queries I had. Very happy with their service and will definitely return to them in the future if I need to.

Richelle (Harpfields) View

It's an absolute pleasure to work for GB - you are always all so professional, approachable, positive and lovely and have always found me such fab assignments - I really appreciate it and have been recommending you to friends working in the field, who are approaching crossroads.

School Testimonials

St Marks Primary School View

GB Recruitment provide a hassle free booking system for high quality, reliable staff and are always able to meet the schools needs with professional staff, even at short notice.

St Wulstans Catholic Primary School View

We have used the recruitment services of GB for a number of years and they have been our main supply cover agency. We have always found their service very efficient and professional. They will strive to find us teachers and teaching assistants who are well equipped to step in at a minutes notice. The staff in the office are always very helpful and pleasant. We feel confident that DBS certificates and all necessary checks are carried out and up to date. If a supply candidate is coming to us for the first time, a complete profile is emailed to us beforehand. We would have no hesitation in recommending GB for your supply requirements.

Kemball School View

We have used GB Recruitment for our supply teachers and teaching assistants over a number of years. They are always professional and helpful and respond promptly to all requests. They work hard to build a good working relationship and to understand our needs. I have complete confidence that they will always do their best for us.

Mrs M W (Local High School) View

As soon as you contact GB you are at ease because of their professionalism and the friendliness of all the staff. They put a lot of effort into getting to know their clients needs and the strengths of the people on their books, and this takes the guesswork out of placing the staff they have. They are also constantly looking at ways to improve the service they offer. There is always a phone call to check that everything is fine but they aren’t constantly on the phone, as some agencies are, pushing for business. We all know how stressful it can be when you need to find good, reliable people, and it really helps to know that they are only a phone call away.

Forest Park Primary School View

"I have sourced supply teaching and non-teaching staff from GB Recruitment for approximately nine years. In that time, GB Recruitment have consistently provided a professional, high calibre service with an excellent bank of supply staff to select from. GB Recruitment maintains our Best Value requirements in terms of service, delivery, standards and price. I am happy to recommend GB Recruitment."

St Teresas Primary School View

"We have used GB Recruitment as our sole Supply Agency for the past 9 years or more. During this time, we have found Niki and her friendly team to be efficient, helpful and the calibre of staff we have taken from them during this time has been excellent. Sometimes, we find out very late that our staff are unable to come into work and GB always come to the rescue with supply. I would recommend GB to any school who are in need of Teachers or Teaching Assistants. Well done GB. Keep up the great work!"

Tittensor First School View

"It's the first time I've used a recruitment agency for our supply teaching. Niki at GB has made it a positive and straightforward experience by providing quality candidates and by being in constant communication throughout. I've found all the team at GB Recruitment fantastic and efficient."

Co operative Academy Friarswood View

"Due to unforeseen circumstances we had to use a supply agency from January 2016 and chose GB Recruitment. We chose well as they have consistently supplied high quality staff matching the teacher with the needs of the class/school. Our contact is Niki Huxley who is always on hand to answer any questions. She quickly and effectively sorts out the staff we need and keeps a close eye on them. Nothing is too much trouble and always phones back. I would have no hesitation in recommending such a professional and efficient supply agency as GB Recruitment to any school"

Sneyd Green Primary School View

I have been working with GB Recruitment now for 3 years. During this time they have always been professional, helpful and friendly. There have been times when we have requested supply at the very last minute and they always accommodate our requests. Lisa and her team are extremely efficient and provide an excellent service. I would without a doubt recommend GB Recruitment.

Silverdale Primary Academy View

We have a great relationship with the staff at GB. They are the 'friendly' agency who go out of their way to accommodate us, even for last minute requests. I'm sure our working relationship will continue for some time.